Friday, November 8, 2013

Celebrate Your Employees This Holiday Season

For many, the holiday season can the busiest time of the year.  However, if you set aside the time to remember those who allow your business to thrive, you will certainly notice a positive change in your workplace environment.  It should be noted that this gesture of appreciation does not have to cost you as much as you would think.  There are many low-to-no cost ideas for honoring your employees from greeting cards with a personal touch to personalized trinkets that they can display at their desk or home.

Herndon Recognition is currently making it much easier to find a unique yet economical holiday gift by offering three beautifully designed ornaments for you to present to your organization's employees this year.  Not only can you choose any of our three pre-designed ornaments, you may also add your company logo or an employee name to make the gift just that much more special.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Let's Give Thanks

As you recount all the different things you are thankful for this holiday season such as family, friends and good health, remember those who have a great part in making your life a success every day.  Often times the holiday season can be the most stressful time of year and it's important not to take your greatest assets for granted.

Your team works hard every day to keep the organization thriving. Whether it's a gift or a personalized card, give thanks to your team as they not only deserve it but will appreciate the reminder of their value to the organization.

Custom Engravings

As a reminder, we offer a wide selection of custom engravings. These personalized gifts are one of the most meaningful ways to recognize your team this holiday season.  We have also recently upgraded our facilities and can now offer personalized gifts at lower cost.  Contact your Sales Executive for more information on what we offer.

From all of us at Herndon Recognition, have a very happy and healthy Thanksgiving holiday.

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Friday, October 12, 2012

What is Your Most Valuable Resource?

Is it what you manufacture? Is it your customers? Neither! It is your employees, staff and volunteers. Without them your company would cease to exist.   It is very important to treat your most valuable resource with respect and build your company loyalty and longevity. 

Here's a couple of ideas to help add value to your recognition experience:

  • Communicate authentic appreciation whenever possible:  No matter how small or large the achievement, a genuine thank you or communication of appreciation can be the boost that your employees need to get through the workday.  Keeping the environment positive will reinforce positive results.
  • Submit press releases in the company newsletter or local newspapers:  The most valuable recognition is given in front of peers. This will not only build up the confidence level of the employee being recognized but it will encourage other employees within the company.
  •  Award custom personalized gifts: Showing your employee that you took the time and effort to personalize a gift will not only be appreciated by your employee but having an item that can be displayed on their desk will remind them each day of their achievement and value to your company.

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Monday, August 6, 2012

Keeping Employees Cool in the Heat of the Summer

This time of year employees are itching to be outside so they can enjoy the weather with their friends and families.  More than likely you’ve had plenty of vacation requests. We all know that vacation is a vital piece of keeping a healthy employee and environment.  It's important to keep employees happy by granting those requests that are reasonable.  It's also important for a productive work place to have employees that know that they have a manager who is going to recognize their need for some time away to maintain a healthy balanced life.

Keep the work force and your clients happy by maintaining an organized system that allows your employees the ability to take advantage of getting away from the workplace without disrupting the actual workplace. At Herndon Recognition, we utilize a sign up calendar and submit vacation requests to management. The department manager then approves or suggests alternate dates to ensure there will be enough team members scheduled to attend to ongoing project details while the employee is on leave. This reduces stress for the company as well as the employee because it allows the employee to feel confident their immediate work is being attended to in their absence.

One of the best ways we communicate in the office environment while on vacation is to have the vacationing employee set up email auto responder and voicemail.  This communicates to clients and associates that the employee is away on vacation, listing dates and offering other team members to go to for urgent matters in their absence.

There’s no questioning that a rested, balanced worker is going to be more productive and contribute more than a disgruntled, over-worked employee. Create and maintain a system that will allow employees the much needed break from the workplace. Co-workers will be more likely to pick up the slack of the ongoing projects for their team members while away when they know they can be confident that they will be given the same support when they go on vacation. A well planned vacation can truly rejuvenate an employee.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

On Your Mark…Get Set…GO!

Here at Herndon Recognition, we’ve recently started and Run/Walk Group meeting once a week as a way of bringing our team together in a fun and beneficial way.  Although people have different levels of fitness, it’s not about competition.   We make a point of choosing a location that has a variety of distances so that everyone can feel good about the experience.  Everyone wants to be healthier but for most, getting the motivation can be difficult when you are on your own.  However, if you have a team to go with then you’re more likely to get yourself out there.

Engaging your team in a healthy activity is a great way to promote work efficiency and boost employee morale.  Exercise burns off steam and stress from the daily work routine.  A clear mind and increased energy are just some of the benefits that can be generated from creating this kind of group.   Some may not be as active as others but providing this kind of outlet can show them how positive keeping physically active can be, which can benefit them in all aspects of their daily life.

One additional activity of this group that is both fun and motivating is we have a 5K Race that we’ve set as a future goal.  This gives everyone something to work up to and accomplish as a team.  Best of all they’ll have a great time doing it!  Giving away small prizes to everyone who participates is also a great incentive for the team to take part in the race.  Whatever you choose to do to bring your team together, make it count and make it fun!

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Friday, April 13, 2012

The Importance of Positive Recognition

Question for you: Do you notice the connection between recognition and behavior?

When a person is recognized, they will respond negative or positively.

Two examples of recognition:
  • Please clean up the kitchen - you’re such a pig, you never clean up after yourself. Make sure you leave it clean this time! 
  • Please clean up the kitchen - you’re such a great cleaner. The kitchen looks so good after you have cleaned it!
How does each recognition example motivate you?

If it is positive behavior you desire it makes since to focus on and consistently recognize positive behavior.

When we see our peers or co-workers getting recognition we naturally seek the recognition and look for ways to get recognized. However, if recognition isn’t positive people will not be motivated through this method.

Recognition is a very strong motivational tool – but beware it can be a double edge sword. One of our readers experienced this just last week:

“Without warning I wanted to recognize the positive behaviors of the less vocal and less active young people during a group presentation. Without them knowing I jotted down the names of people that were walking around the room, texting and talking during the presentation.

Once the presentation was over, I asked those whose names I had written on my list to stand up - imagine their surprise when I asked them to step aside so the people who were left sitting in the room could be recognized for their good behavior.  Those I asked to stand up thought they were going to be recognized. I had completely overlooked  recognition to the group as a whole by thanking them for being there.

In skipping that step I inadvertently gave negative recognition to the group that I asked to step aside - It was like tossing fuel on a fire. Ouch! Those on the list I called out saw me as not so kind.  Luckily the team was a forgiving group and after I shared my intentions they understood my goal of recognizing positive recognition.”
Our reader learned how powerful recognition is and that in public recognition it is vital to RECOGNIZE EVERYONE present positively before recognizing the few chosen for their outstanding behaviors. This will build positive relationships and positive behaviors for the WHOLE group present, including the presenter. 

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Leverage Existing Awards

If you are lucky, your organization has some great recognition programs. This means you can kick back and relax, right? Wrong! There is so much you can do to make the awards more meaningful. 
  • Announce the award to your entire team.
    • It is vital to recognize everyone present, thanking them all for their contributions before honoring the few chosen for this special recognition.
  • Send a personalized, congratulatory note to their home.
    • If you know the names of the family members, consider including their names in the letter. 
  • Plan a celebration after the presentation.
    • Celebration can be on or off the work premises.
  • Invite the recipient's family.
    • If the recipient does not have family nearby invite a close friend.
No matter how wonderful your organization's programs, you can add more meaning!

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