Friday, January 27, 2012

Include Your Employees in the Conversation

Employee recognition is not just about showering your employees with gifts or bonuses.  It’s more importantly about making sure that they know that you value their contributions to the company.  Not only is it essential to receive feedback from your employees, but giving them a voice can bring new ideas to the table that could greatly improve your business.

Next time you hold a meeting about a new idea or the progress of the business, invite the employees in on the conversation.  Give them the opportunity to share their ideas on what they think can be improved.  You may find that their suggestions bring on a new perspective that you would not have otherwise considered.  It can mean a lot to the employee that you are including them and they will appreciate that you value their opinion. Times are still tough and chances are you have too much on your plate to think of every solution to every problem.  You hired your employees because they have the talent and expertise to keep your business running.  Put trust into their talent by opening up dialog so that valuable ideas on how to improve the quality and efficiency of your business are shared.

Improving the communication between you and your employees can make a world of difference and this is just one way to do just that.  Not only will you be getting value out of different perspectives but your employee will also get a deeper understanding of the business.  That knowledge alone can help them to be even more successful at their job.

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Monday, January 23, 2012

A New Year Means a Fresh Start

2012 is finally here and while making your list of resolutions, be sure to add “improve my recognition program” to the list.  This is your time to make a fresh start with your employees.  Maybe you didn’t put enough time aside for recognition or maybe you just didn’t know the right ways to show your appreciation last year.  When it comes down to it, that was then and you can make the change now.

While you are making your list of resolutions, remember that your employees are making that same list.  Some resolutions are common with everyone, like to be healthier.  What’s nice about this resolution is that it can greatly benefit your business because healthy employees mean more efficient employees. In addition, showing that you care about their well-being will show that your gesture is coming from a genuine place.

Here are a few ideas to promote good health while providing your employees with the appreciation they deserve:

  • Offer employees a health bonus. For example, reimburse employees for anything they buy or use to stay healthy up to $100.
  • Invest in some free weights or other exercise equipment for the break room so that they have the option of burning off energy during a stressful day.
  • Offer fitness center memberships.  Although this can be on the pricier side, sometimes fitness centers will give special deals to companies because they have the opportunity of getting multiple clients.
  • Hold a “Health Day”.  Put aside a day dedicated to teaching employees the importance of staying healthy by inviting a health practitioner or masseuse to speak on what they can do at work to improve their health. Offering a free fifteen minute massage with it is also a great bonus!
  • Upgrade your equipment.  Replace some of your old chairs or computer equipment for more ergonomic options.
Whatever way you choose to improve your program, your employees will appreciate you for it!  For more information on employee recognition, visit