Wednesday, May 16, 2012

On Your Mark…Get Set…GO!

Here at Herndon Recognition, we’ve recently started and Run/Walk Group meeting once a week as a way of bringing our team together in a fun and beneficial way.  Although people have different levels of fitness, it’s not about competition.   We make a point of choosing a location that has a variety of distances so that everyone can feel good about the experience.  Everyone wants to be healthier but for most, getting the motivation can be difficult when you are on your own.  However, if you have a team to go with then you’re more likely to get yourself out there.

Engaging your team in a healthy activity is a great way to promote work efficiency and boost employee morale.  Exercise burns off steam and stress from the daily work routine.  A clear mind and increased energy are just some of the benefits that can be generated from creating this kind of group.   Some may not be as active as others but providing this kind of outlet can show them how positive keeping physically active can be, which can benefit them in all aspects of their daily life.

One additional activity of this group that is both fun and motivating is we have a 5K Race that we’ve set as a future goal.  This gives everyone something to work up to and accomplish as a team.  Best of all they’ll have a great time doing it!  Giving away small prizes to everyone who participates is also a great incentive for the team to take part in the race.  Whatever you choose to do to bring your team together, make it count and make it fun!

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