Friday, October 12, 2012

What is Your Most Valuable Resource?

Is it what you manufacture? Is it your customers? Neither! It is your employees, staff and volunteers. Without them your company would cease to exist.   It is very important to treat your most valuable resource with respect and build your company loyalty and longevity. 

Here's a couple of ideas to help add value to your recognition experience:

  • Communicate authentic appreciation whenever possible:  No matter how small or large the achievement, a genuine thank you or communication of appreciation can be the boost that your employees need to get through the workday.  Keeping the environment positive will reinforce positive results.
  • Submit press releases in the company newsletter or local newspapers:  The most valuable recognition is given in front of peers. This will not only build up the confidence level of the employee being recognized but it will encourage other employees within the company.
  •  Award custom personalized gifts: Showing your employee that you took the time and effort to personalize a gift will not only be appreciated by your employee but having an item that can be displayed on their desk will remind them each day of their achievement and value to your company.

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